Wednesday, February 2, 2011

School Visits--Essential Therapy

Back in the virtual saddle in the office today, after 1) a staggering personal loss and its related funeral activities down in Florida and 2) two days of school visits to our School Counselors, Assistant Principals, and virtual students in 13 schools spread out over MNPS. An indication of the scope of travel is that I posted a total of 179 miles of automobile mileage in those two days. I'm glad that Michael Terry, our Virtual Learning Assistant, and I took  my Smart Car, Huey!

Above and beyond the opportunity to put a lot of faces with a lot of names, this was a rich experience for me. The schools I visited were:
Nashville School of the Arts, Hume-Fogg Magnet, Glencliff, Big Picture Nashville, Hunters Lane, Martin Luther King Magnet, Antioch, Cane Ridge, Hillwood, East Literature Magnet, Overton, Pearl Cohn, and Maplewood. 

We met with a raft of outstanding educators, and I want to thank each and every one of them for their support and encouragement for our Virtual Learning Program. They are:

Amy Flajnik
Katherine Sanford
Barbara Mullins
Susan Murphy
Rita LaRue-Lucas
Tandra Freeman
Caroline Banta
Sandra Hull
Lauren Rickey
Carla Robinson
Donna Matthews
Carolyn Haynes
and Kristie Hutchinson

My apologies if I left anyone out of this list, and I must add that I am 100% convinced that at each and every MNPS school there are stellar, engaged, caring School Counselors working to do the next right thing for their students. I simply want to thank these for their support of our new Virtual Learning Program and everything they do for their students every day.

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